Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tony Says No

It's the best bit of news I've heard in a long time. Tony O'Reilly wants his name taken off the new building :-)

I wonder why.

Is it because he sees who they're doling out degrees to? Remember the one interviewed after the riot who could barely talk?

Is it because they expel people who can't, and shouldn't, pay fees or who have serious personal difficulties? How many lives has Denis "Sweeny" Todd from occupational health destroyed? First do no harm??? "Fuck that!!" says Denis.

Is it because they have destroyed the Holyland and are raping the rest of South Belfast?

Is it because they have introduced an "Off Campus" disciplinary code that is legally unenforceable and therefore a cynical PR exercise?

Is it because they have trashed their own academic base? Bye Bye Classics. Bye Bye Russian. Bye Bye Italian. Bye Bye the only geosciences department in Ireland. They had to back-track on that one, but only after they had sacked all the academics. While enrolling for my First Year I saw skips piled high with specimen trays.

Is it because they want to charge £10,000 a year? If you haven't got the money fuck off.

Is it because it's an intellectual sewer, and cognitive blight on South Belfast, and, for that matter the whole society? Free thinkers who can afford to leave will not go there and who can blame them? Queens, driven by greed, is fueling the intellectual meltdown of Northern Ireland.

Is it because the lecturers are queuing up to get the fuck out of Dodge?

What should we call this new piece of grotesque corporate architecture?

"The Aircraft Carrier"? It looks like one.

"The Death Star"? I can picture Darth Vader standing atop that tower, his cloak blowing in the wind. Overhead tie-fighters do a fly-by.

"The Blood Money Building"? After all it was financed by Caterpillar, supplier of armoured bulldozers to the Israeli Army. At least Queens are consistent; ethnic cleansing and house demolitions. It's "Regeneration" after all.

Apologies to the Palestinians. I do not seek to demean their plight by associating it with the Belfast Holyland. Apologies also to the family and friends of Rachel Corrie. I'm raising big issues, not cheap points when I discuss her murder by the IDF.

I'm open to suggestions, but I'm leaning toward "The Death Star".


thebuckcat said...
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thebuckcat said...

Sorry, should have said the sign is still on the property

Danny said...


I'm a student in Belfast and have set up my own blog reviewing bars and clubs in Belfast.

I'd appreciate it if you would put a link to my blog on your site; I have put one to yours on mine.

My site is: http://belfastnightlife.blogspot.com/



Jeffrey said...

Maybe its something to do with the fact that his company lost over £100million in the last week. Or maybe they want to name it "The Alan Murray Anally Retentive Wing" after your good self. Either way, Queens is a hole and always will be

belfast samizdat said...

They should name it after my hole. Great idea. Every time I shit I think of Queens. Beautiful.

belfast samizdat said...

Apologies to thebuckcat. I'll get back to you soon. It should be possible to publish a photograph of a sign. It's a wee bit different for those of people. If it's taken from the public domain it's legal. if it's a privately taken photograph it's different.

I'll email you and you can send me the images as attachments. I'll see what I can do.