Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The King of the Pious Hypocrites

As a sequel to the previous article I thought I would draw your attention to this:-

"Carpetbagger Landlord criticises Civil Service bonuses."

"Declan Boyle form the Landlord's Association said he hears a lot of complaints about the agency's performance. "They just seem to run at a very slow pace for whatever reason. There is a lot of room for improvement," he said"

Is this the same Declan Boyle who has been claiming £36,000 per property in conversion grants from the Housing Executive? Perhaps he could tell us how much taxpayers' money has been doled out to him from the Housing Budget. Is it more or less than £10 million? How many families have no home because the money that should have built them one lines the pockets of this parasite? How much of a kickback do he and his fellow landlords get from Belfast City Council now that they no longer have to pay rates on their properties? Does he collect rent in cash from his tenants? Did the envelopes I have seen changing hands contain birthday cards? He seems to have one every month. It would be interesting to know how much of his income he declares to the inland revenue; all of it? Some of it? We'll never know, but it's a worthwhile question.

I hear that he and his pals may be seeking compensation for the damage caused to their properties on St Patrick's Day. At a police meeting some years ago he wanted to know why residents objected to their "student" tormentors having "fun". Well they've been kind enough to film their antics and put it on YouTube, so now we know what they and he mean by "fun".

The Social Cannibals have raped the Holyland to death, and they're proud of it. Now Stranmillis and Ballynafeigh are in their sights. Let's hope these communities don't follow the example of the Belfast Holyland Regeneration Association and enter into "Partnership" with those, the universities and landlords, who are determined to destroy them.


Anonymous said...

he's a successful man, you appear to be very jealous of his success! if you want to succeed then stop spending all of ur time on this shit blog! Fair play to him i say!

belfast samizdat said...

How can I be jealous of him. He has all that money, and no life.

Anonymous said...

You have none of the money, and no life!

belfast samizdat said...

I have a life. I just don't spend it destroying communities for profit and fun.

Danny said...

Why do you bother so much about us students in the Holylands?

Why not just move somewhere else. It is a shame that there's no proper accomadation for students but they are not really 'slums' like you describe. The advantage to having all students living in one area is that disturbance to non-students is minimised. If you chose to live in student area, the loud music and chaos comes with the terrortory.

I do find your campaign/blog very amusing though. However the battle is long lost.

Also whats wrong with students rioting, being loud etc. in the holylands. It's all students and its alot of fun. Nobody really cares. If it annoys you and other residents - just move out.

belfast samizdat said...

Admirable honesty. I've been hearing this from students for 15 years. Of course there was a community there then. One by one they took the hint and left. It was made quite clear to them; you're not wanted here.

Will you now call for the remaining residents to be given new houses? They can't just "move out". New housing has to be built. After what they've been through they deserve the highest standards; see our Southern cousins' new building code.

Anonymous said...

Would youo mind explaining why you don't move out e.g. The Lisburn Road?Would it not provide an easier more peaceful way of life? Furthermore with no confrontation from dunk students and no more sleepless nights?

Or do you enjoy the confrontation? Did you ever ask yourself that question you C * * T?

belfast samizdat said...

I admire the honesty of those who just say it.

Like almost everyone who lived there I have escaped. Those who remain are unable to do so.

Your friends have driven a community from their homes. They, and presumably you, are proud of it. Now you spread your cancer to Stranmillis, Lisburn Road, Ballynafeigh etc.

I assume you want those residents to leave too.

But then, who would you have left to torment?