Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I think someone in the PR department in Queens must have had a Freudian Slip when they dreamed up the "Shush" campaign. It's not just that "students" mockingly shout the word "Shush" to each other as they holler down the street at 3am, It's what it reveals about the attitude of Queens towards the nightmare of the Holylands. What they really mean is "shush", Don't tell the truth. And lo our spokesman, David Farrell complies, and tells the world on television what a great job Queens is doing in our community. Ben Preston, God's own Student Union President regurgitates what Queens and Jesus tell him.
" This is part of our partnership with the residents in the area."
How can you have partnership between the rapist and the victim? I'll elaborate on this later when I'm less tired, but suffice it to say this is the privately owned and privately run campus for the Universities, and the population had to be got rid of somehow. If you're wondering how, ponder this quote from Moshe Dayan,
"They (the West Bank Palestinians) must understand that they are nothing but dogs. Whoever wants to go can go. As for those that stay, we'll have to find a way of dealing with them"
I will not insult the Palestinians by comparing our pain with theirs. Our children are not being shot in the head, our women are not having miscarriages at checkpoints, we are not being shelled and bombed continuously, our land is not being stolen at gunpoint.
And yet the rape of this community is still ethnic cleansing, and we are nothing but dogs to the universities, and our pain is there to be silenced

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