Monday, April 07, 2008

PACT: Pigs And Collaborators Together

They're finally launching their new forum. The Community Police Liaison Committee collapsed because nobody went to it. Here comes it's replacement. You will remember I have previously described a proposal to pervert Restorative Justice and turn it into a vehicle for The universities, their Bogus Students, cops, landlords and the local Housing Association to isolate, intimidate and silence residents. We will be obliged to confront our tormentors face to face. We will become Targets. The number of complaints will fall through the floor. We will be told what a great success it has all been.

I expect heavy Provo involvement in this. After all their man, the Head of Restorative Justice in West Belfast, has been a tout for years if not decades. As I've said in the comments section, Downing Street has been not only writing Provo press statements, but appears to also be producing front page articles for the Andytown News. It's "Zero Tolerance" for working class people. Well we surely have that here. Such a policy will not apply to Rich Scum, who are above the law. What are Ogra Sinn Fein gonna say,
"Arrest and prosecute us and our mates"?
Some fucking chance.
There are others who are above the law: the "Partners in the Community" are allowed to do whatever they want, up to and including Homicidal Violence, and the cops will bend over backwards to make sure they get away with it. Lets face it, murders go unsolved round here.

This "New Initiative" is old piss in new bottles. PACT: Partners And Communities Together. Fuck that. Its PACT: Pigs And Collaborators Together.