Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Case of the Disappearing Wardens

We never see them any more. I can't blame them if they sit kicking their heels in the office rather than venture out into this Hell-Hole. They've been assaulted repeatedly. What have the Universities done? Has anyone been expelled or even suspended for doing so? Maybe they got a hundred pound fine. I think we can be sure that the police have bent over backwards to avoid charging them.
Of course the cops set an example, driving by doing nothing. Why should the wardens put themselves at risk? They get paid a lot less than the cops who make a point of doing sweet fuck all.
As it happens at least two wardens have taken the logical step of joining the police. Their move from one to the other was very abrupt. They must have been police cadets by day, wardens by night.
The wardens have been no use to the community, but an excellent tool for perception management by the Universities.
"Look", they say," at the great job the wardens have done. Every thing's so much better now. It's all sorted"
Never mind that the wardens can't get them to take meaningful action against their customers, or rather "students".
As I write this the Yahoos are screaming in the street. There are no wardens to be seen. They must be tired after a long hard day at police college. Or maybe they just don't give a fuck any more. I wouldn't if I was them.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Behind Closed Doors

It took place on a Thursday. Only a select few were invited. No-one was informed. The community was kept out of the loop. It had to be done quickly, before the scheduled meeting on November the Fifth. It was necessary to present a fait accompli and pretend it had been done constitutionally.
Details are sketchy. Anne Monaghan was the "Impartial Chairperson" who was then "elected" miraculously to the post. No AGM, no EGM, it was just a tiny clique and a handful of people they've bullied into attending.
The South Belfast News described her as "appointed". They weren't wrong.
The Vampire Queen Bitch, who fed off our pain to build her career, now claims to speak for us.
It's not a dream. It's the Theatre of the Absurd.

The Wheel in the Sky

I love that song. I've always been a Journey fan. I have their early albums on vinyl. I'll have to get them on CD with extra features. The track's going round my head because of the latest story to have leaked about our Fake Residents' Group. (No, it's not how Anne Monaghan got "elected". I'll deal with that in a later post:)
Picture the scene. Katrina runs around demented.
"Eat up. Hurry up. The taxis are here. I work so hard. I'm up at seven every morning. I do so much for you people.........not a word of thanks..............."
Sandwiches are left half eaten. Pensioners are shoooed out of the room. Anne Monaghan barks orders like a Nazi.
They're off to the big wheel. It's good to know that our bogus representatives care. Whatever grant money the taxpayer has coughed up is not being wasted. What does it matter if you can't sleep at night? So what if your physical and mental health is destroyed? Go on the big wheel!! That'll make it better!! You're being intimidated? You're being told to,
"Sell your house and get the fuck out of the Holylands"?
Look how much we do for you. What, you're not grateful? You want to complain? You don't want to do that. Remember that guy that got his head bashed off the pavement? Don't bother calling the police. We're their Partners in the Community. We can do whatever we want and they'll protect us.
I can't get that song out of my head. So for all you Journey fans here it is