Sunday, April 12, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Queen's have made £10, 000 from fines on their "students" for "anti-social behaviour", a euphemism for the kind of thing we saw on St Patrick's day.

This should tell us a number of things. In order to get fined you have to have got your wrist slapped for two "proven" previous incidents. Fines range from£20 t0 £200, an average, say of £50. £50 into £10,000 goes 200 times multiplied my three "proven" incidents makes 600 "proven incidents". This is surely the tip of the iceberg. How many residents take the hint and give up after the first or second complaint gets them targeted and no-one to protect them. The universities won't and the cops, well, it took them twelve years to finally do something, and that involved precious few arrests and fewer prosecutions resulting from St Patrick's Day.

We will never know the full extent of torture and intimidation doled out to residents. Suffice it to say a community no longer exists. This was not an accident. The Universities have got their campus which is growing. Queens University is a giant cancer devouring every residential area anywhere near it. It's landlords and "students" do the dirty work of social cleansing while it, and UU sit back rubbing their hands with glee and spending their hundreds and hundreds of millions on corporate architecture.

The universities' "Off Campus Disciplinary Code" is legally unenforceable. There will be no expulsions, and "students" only tolerate it's sanctions because they are so trivial. This being the case, why was it introduced? The explanation is truly diabolical. They can claim they are doing something. The £10,000 in fines sounds truly impressive until it's deconstructed. When it is it reveals the awful truth. The objective is to target residents. Encourage them to complain, get them tortured and threatened, teach them to shut up or leave or both. It is a vehicle for social cleansing and reveals the depth of evil among those who dreamed it up.

The £10,000 is merely icing on the cake. It will buy bubbly for the directors of these degree mills that manufacture ignorance and dispossession.


Spankertankon said...

you are so fucking stupid

conspiracy theories are a pile of shit

human error

if any of this shit you come out with was true there would be some evidence for it

all you have is crackpot theories

belfast samizdat said...

I don't believe in conspiracy theories.

I believe in power agendas.

I suggest you read Daniel Guerin's "Fascism and Big Business"

You might also look at the structuralist analyses put forward by Herman and Chomsky in "Manufacturing Consent" and
Michael Albert's work on Znet

Spankertankon said...

you always point outside the picture for answers

you run a blog a fucking blog poorly

you use 'intellectual' language, refer to chomsky and brecht, just waiting for foucault to appear

then you ramble on and fucking on for ages

what do you get out of it?
what is your aim?
because you alienate any support through your speech cos fuck all people can understand it.

Further evidence that all this blog does is massage your ego, it is just personal intellectual masturbation with no real purpose or aim.

Spankertankon said...

A challenge Alma,

What do you actually achieve?
In 10, thats TEN words or less.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, where is your proof that Queen's have gained £10,000 in fines?

belfast samizdat said...

"where is your proof that Queen's have gained £10,000 in fines?"

Press release quoted in the Community Telegraph free newspaper.

Spankertankon said...

nice one alan

ignore questions you can't answer.

you're gonna make one hell of a journalist some day.

Anonymous said...

What about the court case????any updates????

belfast samizdat said...

The prosecution case concludes on the 24th.

The defense have yet to set a date.

Anonymous said...

if you hate the UNiversity so much why are you trying to enrol as a student on a yearly basis?