Sunday, April 12, 2009

We're not rapin' this area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have spoken.

"Look what a wonderful job we're doing"

They really are proud of themselves. Declan Boyle's properties do indeed meet building standards. It is perfectly legal to demolish a family house and cram sixteen students into the flats you build in it's place. One would expect no less given the enormous amount of taxpayers' money doled out to him in grants. They are, legally, not slums. They are dry. They are warm if you can afford the enormous gas consumption such inefficient housing requires. He's not like Dermott Laird, property manager to countless anonymous slumlords. Michael McMahon, who owns more properties than Declan, most of them Dunderin' Inns, was obviously too ugly to feature in this photograph. Declan's smug smile is wonderful. Sammy's thinking,

"Why am I here, and who is this cheesy cunt???"

The cheesy cunt in question boasts that,

"We're not trying to pull the Holyland apart."

This is like Thatcher's chilling,

"The NHS is safe in my hands."

or the truly sinister claim buy Blair that,

"I didn't get into politics to make the poor and vulnerable poorer"

They have raped the Holyland to death. In the latest edition of the South Belfast News Declan claims that,

"Families do not want to live in or move into a student area"

Therefore the cap on HMO's should be scrapped to enable people to sell up to a landlord and leave. This belies his claim the previous week that they want to work with residents. They have this in common with their allies, the universities. It's a bit like the rapist who says to the victim,

"We're in this together here. It's easier if you work with me."

Now they, and the universities, have more targets in mind. Stranmillis, Lisburn Road, Lower Malone and Ballynafeigh will all become part of their extended private campus. The HMO cap of 30% guarantees the destabilisation of these areas. Only 8 or 9% is sustainable. While these areas are demolished and 2 bed flats crammed onto the cleared sites we will hear the call ever louder that "Regeneration" requires the lifting of the HMO cap. Thus residential areas become "student areas", their populations driven out by noise, sleep deprivation and threats. These communities must not co-operate with those determined to destroy them, the universities and their landlords. Do not go the way of the Holylands. There can be no partnership with the oppressor.


Anonymous said...

Must say, Declan looks very sharp in the three piece. He's a great landlord and a good friend of mine

belfast samizdat said...

All I can see is the coat. I don't know if he has a suit underneath.

He is certainly a successful landlord. Of course, to succeed in that business you have to be, shall we say, morally dead.

It is said that people are judged by the company they keep. I suggest you find a new peer group.

Spankertankon said...

you're big on suggestions these days

i suggest you stop being so patronising

and if you really want to make a difference, go actually do something

this blog achieves nothing

shite or get off the pot

belfast samizdat said...

"this blog achieves nothing"

It annoys you no end.

Spankertankon said...

that's all it's for?

why can you never ever give a straight answer?

It is all just pseudo intellectual masturbation

Anonymous said...

Was it Balzac who said, "Behind every great fortune lies a crime"? All the well known land lords started up during the troubles............ ??????????????? Iam I correct in saying Boyle is a cousin of Allistar (Big Al the Land Lords Pal) McDonnell?

belfast samizdat said...

"am I correct in saying Boyle is a cousin of Allistar (Big Al the Land Lords Pal) McDonnell?"

Actually you're wrong there. They're lifelong friends and I think they went to the same school, probably not at the same time (Alistair is somewhat older).

They are both landlords,and SDLP. I think McDonnell's sympathies would be very much with his fellow landlords. However, he does seem genuinely disgusted at the behaviour of the barbarian hordes from Mid-Ulster. His call for expulsions will fall on deaf ears (see the "money money money" article).

Alistair and Declan are two "respectable" landlords, meaning they are not associated with paramilitaries. I can't go publishing names of those who allegedly are, so don't go posting them as comments (I'll have to delete them).

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belfast samizdat said...

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