Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Who let da Dogs out?"

"Woof woof woof, Woof woof!!!!!"
They're laughing at the cops. They know it's all for show; the dogs, the armoured vehicles, the riot squad. A meat wagon pulls up. A local is led away. The cops have roughed him up. He defended his brother and clobbered a "student". It's a no-no. Don't protect your own from drunken hillbillies. The Stasi zoom in on kids with baseball hats; Zero Tolerance for Residents. The Andytown News would be proud. For the rich scum it's different; its a big fucking pantomime. At least the cops have the decency to be angry at these cunts. Maybe it's frustration; they can't do to them what they did to us when they dragged us off the Ormeau Road. There'll be no plastic bullets in the face for rich cunts, no Billy-Clubs wrapped round the head, no being trailed through broken glass.
They're singing,
"We all live in the Holy-Holy Land, Holy-Holy Land, Holy-Holy land"
The cops are desperate. They can't afford to lose this showdown.
"We need you to step back, Mr Murray. We have a public order situation."
"Is there an O.C. here?"
"Ask the sergeants. They're dealing with this"
There's no commander on the ground. Jim Young, local Inspector, is nowhere.
An officer pretends to film the mob. She can't even operate the camcorder.
The cops are engaging them, taking their drink and pouring it away. Bottles fly. The cops are arguing with them, pushing them back.
"Throwing bottles is a criminal offence!!!"
I would have thought this was obvious. A previous Inspector thought different.
It takes a hundred cops, a company level unit, to deal with five houses. If St Patrick's Day had happened during Term Time they would have had no hope. In previous years we have had 6000 drunken yokels inflicting Mob Rule for 48 hours solid while the cops drive by and watch, doing nothing.
Slowly the "students" disperse. They have other places to be, a mini-riot in the Hatfield to enjoy.We had a homeopathic dose of culture this year. Only a handful of these people were up, the rest having no classes and no excuse for being here. Parental authority was presumably exercised. It is a suitably rare occurrence. No-one need claim that progress has been made. Token gestures don't fool the "students". Remember, it was one of us, not them that was hauled away.
In their enthusiasm to go the cops abandon a landrover. The "students" bleed the tyres, leaving it stranded like a ship on the rocks. It's an appropriate metaphor for the whole situation.