Monday, September 11, 2006

Update: Holylands sexual assault

I'm quoting the entire content of the leaflet that landed through my letterbox.

"In the early hours of saturday morning, a grotesque attack took place on a young vulnerable woman in 9 Palestine street. The unfortunate woman, who suffers from severe personal problems, was tossed naked from the house on to the street. Shocked and crying, she was laughed at and mocked by her courageous male hosts. She was made to beg for her clothes to hide her shame, but the big brave men inside refused her even this little dignity. Even a remnant of human compassion was beyond them. The landlord who controls the house, Declan Boyle, was informed about the incident. Mr Boyle entered the house and spoke to his student tenants. On leaving the house, Mr Boyle explained the disgusting attack on the victim away thus

"Sure she was a bit of a girl"

Declan Boyle the above statement makes you no better than the filth that perpetrated the attack. Evict them now Boyle, don't protect and shelter them, your sympathy and concerns should be with the victim, not your rat tenants."

I don't doubt that we will be hearing more about this issue

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