Monday, July 28, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig

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Americans have a saying,
"You can paint lipstick on a pig, but it don't matter. It's still a fuckin' pig"
When I lived in the Holylands this article would have driven me crazy.
"Students aren't criminals and we don't treat them like criminals. It's student anti-social behaviour"
They're not criminals. It's all just "high jinks". It's good clean fun.
" The first thing a police officer will do when they come across behaviour such as shouting and yelling is give them advice and warning"
Well that's bollocks. The first thing they'll do is drive on by and systematically ignore this shit all night long.
" If they don't respond well we'll take a note of their name and address and pass it on to the universities"
In other words do fuck all. Wash your hands and let the universities do fuck all.
"If it's really bad we'll prosecute them ourselves"
How bad does it have to be? The student who invaded a woman's home and entered her child's bed has not been prosecuted. The cops bent over backwards to make sure he got away with it. To put it differently, residents are legitimate targets for students, and the cops will endorse whatever they do.
"The South Belfast police have been accused of this leniency because they don't want to alienate young middle-class catholics ........a claim the policeman rejects"

Why is it that there is an endless call by the Provos and the Belfast News Group for "Zero Tolerance" policing to be inflicted on working class kids guilty of "Anti-Community Activity"? Is it frustration because they can no longer blow the knees off children? Or is it the Debacle, a capitulation so complete that they collaborate with all the enthusiasm of Vichy France with the Nazis? It is interesting to note that no such call is made for "Zero Tolerance" to be inflicted on the perpetrators of this, and this, and this, and this, and this.

They tell me that Trevor is photogenic, some kind of 'pretty face". I can't comment on that, but have noticed the hair gel. In the photograph I see him trying to keep a straight face. Usually he wears a smug grin or cheesy smirk. Whether it's lipstick or hair gel it makes no difference. It's still a fuckin' pig.


Anonymous said...

I gotta admit this one takes the biscuit!

Every cop who serves his time in Donegal Pass gets promotion. Its a rite of passage to the good old pension. Let me explain...

Ten or twelve years ago they had a Sgt. Stitt who was a community policeman, when he proved to be an asshole they promoted him to acting Inspector, he was well known for the fuck up in Ligoniel when he let a Protestant mob attack Catholic homes there, the last we heard of him was his infamous television interview explaining why his men were'nt there in time to protect those people. Rumour has it that he took his bounty under the Patton deal and left.

Next came Inspector Gordon Reid, admittly a nice guy, but as useful as titts on a bull in the days when there was a chance of reclaiming law and order in the Holylands, he was promoted to something much to senior for his calling in the Castlereagh area.

Gordon was replaced by Inspector Keith Gilchrist,... sorry but at this juncture I am bereft of words... but he too progressed through the ranks having done F. A. for the people of the Holylands and letting the situation deteriorate futher.

I believe this guy O'Niell was also an Inspector in the Holylands prior to his elevation to Chief Inspector, no doubt he too will teach his operatives in the Holylands the technique of pissing on the Residents shoes while convincing them its only raining.

There was one hell of a good cop in the Holylands back in the 1980's, he was a community cop and was in the RUC Reserve, Davy Cameron, he forgot more than the above mentioned assholes ever learnt. If you read this were respected and admired by the people you cared for. Good luck where ever you are now.

Thats all for now.

skunter said...

alan someone put you on youtube!!

ya big gay

Anonymous said...

that's the wrong link: this is the one:

Anonymous said...

Saw the video on utube, just the usual sad, pathetic specimens that Queens passes off as students today,no wonder our hospitals are in the condition they are in, rampant with infections, idiots in responsible jobs loosing personal data on members of the public, our administration within the Civil Service is a shambles, I could go on but enough said, the video shows what our future holds when these assholes graduate. You never know, there could be a future Chief Constable within that group... watch this space.

belfast samizdat said...

I thought it was very funny. Although the African American Ape was just a bit racist.

Anonymous said...

Party Time!

As september draws near, student loans checks hit the mat and excited students are getting ready to go nuclear, let's pause for thought...

The only thing getting me through this term is seeing how many students I can get disciplined, suspended, thrown out of university or arrested.

I would advise keeping a score card so you know exactly where your at!

belfast samizdat said...

I don't think you'll get very far. The whole police/university disciplinary thing is a PR exercise. You only have to read what "Pretty Boy" Trevor has to say,
"Students are not criminals".
The wardens openly express their frustration at the universities' refusal to take meaningful action against their customers. Higher Education is a market. It's insane; it's grotesque; it's obscene, but the least we can do is stop calling these people "students", unless we use parentheses.
By the way, what do these people have to do to get expelled? After all they get away with assaulting wardens and even that drunken charlatan David Farrell.

Anonymous said...

Is Farell still around??? What about the rest of the gang of four? Ms Monaghan and Co?? Any updates???

belfast samizdat said...

Farrell and Creepy Tony are still around. They were at the recent PACT meeting no doubt sucking up to the cops like good little lapdogs. There's no sign of the Monaghan Creature. I have this image in my head of her sneaking off quietly with her Carpetbag full of Loot; now she looks for the next bunch of suckers to rip off. I don't know what Katrina the Embarrassment's doing, but her father has a habit of circling round me in his car glaring pure hate. So it looks like more violence is heading my way. I wonder if the cops will bend over backwards to make sure this hateful being avoids doing jail time. After all they've provided her boyfriend with that service. What do you think? Comments are welcome.

Anonymous said...

The only thing getting me through this term is seeing how many students I can get disciplined, suspended, thrown out of university or arrested.


why has he got this vendetta against all students?

theyre STUDENT CUNTS first and everything else after generalising asshole the holylands has 'good' students as well you dont get how this works cos youre such a dumbass

you are perpetuating this just as much as rowdy students are

if you have such a hatred of students then why should we behave any better

fuck you

students are the enemy youd like to see destroyed not people ud like to get along with students will not go away you fucktard

this is another example of this retarded idea that older people and the media have that children today are much worse when was this fucking golden age?

theyll always be rowdy wankers always has been by labelling people as troublemakers and bastards including people who has done nothing wrong u create a divide

im a student i havent broken down peoples doors or beat anyone up or stolen or raped etc etc but i think youre a fucking wanker for youre plan to lock general students up any student will do?? its people like you thats the other side of the problem

people are bloody ignorant apes

Anonymous said...

For that last comment the student writing it wouldn't be so kind as to leave his name and address do that I can get them done by the university? LOL

Fuck you ya cultchie wanker!!! Stupid Hick Bastard!

The funny thing is that there's people now not in university because of some of my I'm fuckin lovin it and am gonna be lovin it for a considerable time to come!

So be a good boy and make loads of noise so I can have the cops at your door and then the next morning we'll have the university staff out and you'll get your letter informing you that the university has recieved a complaint and is investigating...ho..ho..ho

Do be a good sport now and make loads of noise, be as anti-social as possible and wind up the residents...we'll have a much better chance of getting you fucked out quicker and back to the Denny factory making sausages in the arse end of nowhere and finger banging your sister on the weekends!


belfast samizdat said...

I'm not aware of anyone being expelled for doing anything to residents. Of course the universities lie through their teeth. The best example was at the final N2K conference where Anne Monaghan got up and told us that two "students" had just been expelled. This was bullshit. They can assault residents, they can assault wardens, they can rape each other, they can throw a woman naked into the street, having sexually assaulted her and then scream abuse at her. They can do anything and they will not be expelled. One would do well to expose their lies rather than believe them.

thisguysadumbass said...

Alan why are u so biased

listen to this stupid bastard who enjoys sending people to jail

if u send students to jail of course theyre going to hate residents and itll be a lot worse

and how bout u leave your name and adress so i can break your door down or throw bottles at your window

or maybe im not a retarded piece of shit that has to hide behind a computer and that doesnt start fights with people for no reason

i dont have a problem with residents but youre a dickhead and i hope youre house does get fucked up

Anonymous said...

I am speaking as a student who does very little drinking or partying.

I have been living in the holyland and for no reason have been terrorised by "hoods" on several occasions.

Myself and my girlfriend were walking home from a night at the cinema and were targeted by a group of scumbags/hoods, 12 or 13 of them, who threw stones and then bottles at us for no reason, we were minding our own business. These are the people that should be talked about and something done about them.

Sure the students can get rowdy, but lets not say we are all like that, we are up to get an education and dont need to be terrorised.

But to you, you see these louts as heros coming in and "sorting out" students.

The first step to a friendlier holyland is making sure there are no hoods wandering around causeing trouble. I am from a small town and when i go to belfast, i am not worried about the students, it is the hoods i am worried about.

Most of the students pay their own way if living in the holyland and deserve to party in their houses as they are renting them.

For those of you who are complaining yet gettin your house paid for you due to benifits etc, i am baffeled! When you start paying your own rent then you can argue, but until then the students are more than able to party within their own house. If i dont mind, and i am paying rent, then you shouldnt. And if you do then maybe you should start thinking of getting out into the real world and getting a qualification or a job and maybe obtaining a property in a more quiet neighbourhood!

Why do you want to live in the holyland if you are so unhappy with it? Is it so you can complain about it? Is that what gives you satisfaction? You need to take a long hard look at yourselves and what your doing with your life!

Perhaps with some more wardens or policing the students will calm down a bit.

P.S Alan i see you are a bit of a nerd about the whole spelling and grammar thing so i apologise if anything in this comment doesnt match up to your standards, however i think you should perhaps stop focusing as much attention on this and more on the bigger issues at hand.


belfast samizdat said...


Anonymous said...

"and how bout u leave your name and adress so i can break your door down or throw bottles at your window"

No problem dickead: I'll give you my "work" address:

It's care of Costello House, 392 Falls Road, Belfast BT12 6DH

You'd better bring a few people if you intend to break anything though lol!

belfast samizdat said...

The Costello House one made me laugh. For the record a former senior INLA prisoner had to leave the Holylands because he was tormented by Designer Republican Scum from Deliverance. It was not just prods that were driven out by the "students" and landlords, it was everyone, no matter what sacrifices they had made, no matter how genuine their beliefs. Suzanne Breen is right; if paramilitaries had driven an entire community from their homes there would be uproar.


The holylands is for students..... get over it you scrote-magnet. We have taken over and are here to stay. Clearly the police arent going to do anything to us so we can party even harder now. This new boys obviously a pushover and were gona take advantage of this. UP THE RA Tocidfadh ar ladddddddddd....!!!??!! SHOUT OUT TO JIM SKELLEHER

belfast samizdat said...

Your honesty is admirable

belfast samizdat said...


Anonymous said...

One day that last comment author will be a Doctor, and Engineer, or a civil servant. If we're lucky they'll end up flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Alan, its not just the Holylands we should all get getting away from, maybe we should find an Island someplace away from the Deliverance kids all toghether.

God help us all if this is the level of intelligence and interaction these 'students' are capable of...

Good to see you the other day mate.

belfast samizdat said...

What we're seeing is the intellectual meltdown of a society. Our brightest and best, understandably, will not go to those two institutions. They go across the water or south of the border and they don't come back, except to visit.

If the future belongs to these people (the inbred dregs left behind)we're doomed. This is way bigger than just the Holylands. It affects the whole society and this larger issue needs to be discussed publicly. We all need to ask questions about where we're at and where we're going because what I see is a society in free-fall. We're all in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or are there less students lurking about the Holylands compared to this time last year? I know they haven't registered yet but even so I think that there are genuinely less students around, more to let signs still hanging out etc etc

....if this is so...perhaps we're starting to see the effect that this dump has created...less students, if this is so should we be celebrating? Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a new post Alan? whilst I like the comments section it's kinda just becoming a chat room via another means...get some posts in to stimulate new debate!

Anonymous said...

Here's an experiment in free speech: let's name and shame rowdy student houses on this site: they've done it with drug dealers on the Ormeau Road....lets do it with this and shame the anti-social students!

Anonymous said...

It's begun already!

Walking through the Holylands the other night I noted a comical incident.....

There was a bit of shouting between what appeared to be a group of students out "on the rip" and some wkd drinking, Car Thieving hoods from the Ormeau Rd

All appeared normal untill there was the sound of glass shattering against the shutters of the spar...then 3 terrified 19 / 20 year olds running for their lives in the direction of Queens Lol!

It shouldn't be funny....

belfast samizdat said...

I think we're seeing the calm before the storm.

I'm preparing a new post. Keep your eyes peeled.

Naming houses is a leeeetle bit dodgy. It's possible, but has to be done very carefully. I would need to verify the facts before publishing. I'm saying this because I don't like rejecting posts. This other site you mention was discussed in the South Belfast News. Naming alleged drug dealers or pimps or whatever is not clever. It's one thing for the Sunday World to "Publish and be Damned". They can fight and win a civil case, but even they have limits. One of their journalists was murdered for digging too deep into the drugs underworld.

Anonymous said...

It's coming to that lovely time of year again... Fresher's Week, when some residents go vigilante and wreck 'the cars mummy and daddy bought' us (roughly your words) and whilst I genuinely do sympathise with your cause (I myself don't particularly enjoy being kept awake by a bunch of drunk girls sitting on my front wall screeching Gareth Brooks (yuck) at the top of their lungs, can you please be a bit more selective who you target this year if it's the torching welding route you plan to take? Perhaps you could actually check that the car you intend on damaging is in fact someone who has been causing agro with their neighbours? You want to know what I did the night after my car was targeted with brake fluid? I went out into the street and retaliated by making as much noise as I could because the way I seen it, I may as well commit the crime I'd already been punished for! So when you think about it, even though it grabs the attention of the media for the day, it's not a very successful way to gain the quiet and neighbourly atmosphere most of us want... just a thought!

belfast samizdat said...

Thank you for sharing that with me.

belfast samizdat said...

I also have to say, the law won't punish you no matter what you do. See previous comments on this post.

Anonymous said...

You residents are just a bunch of sour angry losers who cant handle the fact that the young and healthy are enjoying themselves. Im sick of this inbred talk of students, its fucking stupid to intice us into agravating you. I am personally gonna make it my business to make as much noise as possible as all respect i had for the residents in the holylands is gone now and if anybody burns my shitty car im gonna burn their house down. See what your crappy blog has done.


By the way residents of the holylands...............GET A FUCKING JOB YOU WHINY CUNTS.

Anonymous said...

I have just come across possibly the worst song ever written. It is holylands related by the way.

belfast samizdat said...

"You residents are just a bunch of sour angry losers"

Some of us have lives. OK, maybe not Farrell and Katrina and Creepy Tony. What would they be without the Holylands? Wouldn't it be funny if everyone fucked off and left them behind talking to an empty room ;)

"its fucking stupid to intice us into agravating you. I am personally gonna make it my business to make as much noise as possible"

The world needs to know that these people feel this way.

"and if anybody burns my shitty car im gonna burn their house down. See what your crappy blog has done."

The "cognitive elite" have spoken. The future belongs to them. A new dark age beckons. Will the last one to leave turn out the lights :( Electricity's wasted on these people.

belfast samizdat said...

It is the worst song ever written, apart from "I'm in the mood for dancin" by the Nolans and "What's another year" by Johnny Logan. It's scary to believe that I remember that song.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy is a terrible thing.

belfast samizdat said...

If you're referring to Trevor's hair gel, I don't mind being bald. No more bad hair days! :)