Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aftermath; Part One

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Apologies for not pouncing on this immediately. I wanted the press to have their head before I turned around and said "I told you so". Apologies also to commenters, I wanted to get this published before I got round to you.

The chickens have come home to roost. The universities can't PR their way out of this one. No-one's listening to their fake residents' group, who will have run out of nice things to say about them. Having said that, there's no depths to which some people will not plumb (I expect colourful comments in reply to that ;-)

I want time to reflect on this because I have much to say. However, I do note that it was not students that were charged. None will be, unless they're working class. The new middle class in Mid-Ulster must not be alienated, no matter that they are sectarian ethnic chauvinists. It is wonderful to contrast the cosmopolitan parade in the city centre with the ugly truth that lies within. What did the wider world see? The manufactured image of the "New Northern Ireland" was drowned out by who we really are. Your future lawyers, teachers, doctors are waving pizza boxes and throwing (badly) bottles. They couldn't riot for shit; Designer Republican Arsewipes. They really are good for nothing. What a waste of public money.


Spankertankon said...


this was a small minority of students,
some of those arrested were not students just troublemakers,
but you still maintain that every single one is a bastard
not every student is responsible for this
and i'd love to see you come up against one of these republican arsewipes you wanky internet bumming dickhead


do i have to nail you down and shit it onto your dumb face?
were you at it? I think my friend shouted at you you cunt
wish i did

Spankertankon said...

And if you're so disappointed in our future lawyers, teachers and doctors,
why don't you become one of them?
or at least get a job?

I'm not sure you can.
What do you contribute?
Tell me, tell everyone WHAT EXACTLY YOU CONTRIBUTE,



Anonymous said...

id like to see you throw anything you big bald bastard. This article is shit and you are shit.

belfast samizdat said...

So much anger!!!!!

The "tiny minority" argument is the "not students arrested/charged" one. As I said in the article, students will not be charged unless they are working class.

Take a chill pill and think of the people who have to live in that fucking place.

Anonymous said...

i'm a student and witnessed what happened. It was completely out of order and there was no need. It just took one idiot to throw something to get the whole thing started. But lets not get carried away. It was a minority of students, the vast majority like myself were just standing watching. Add in the 'friends' of students who came up for the rip and it turned into a drunken disaster. It gives students a bad name, it gives catholic students a worse name but it was still a minority who took part in the rioting.

Anonymous said...

Having been at a house on Agincourt all day it was not until scummy looking LOCAL RESIDENTS showed up on the scene replete in their Cabrini tracksuits and began to throw bottles etc. at police lines up at the end of Carmel St. Whilst not excusing the actions of some students who then joined in on this inane 'rioting' on this day, the stuff you are spouting about middle class students is absolute shite. What was a congenial, good natured day turned nasty as police came down Agincourt at about 5pm. Such a shame it was spoiled by the actions of a few. Such a shame people like you jump on the "I told-you-so" bandwagon. We are not all bad bastards, Alan! p.s. Am I missing something- your'e unemployed?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Amazing the intellectual capacity of the respondents here? Clearly some of the Holylands more successful residents, in that they've managed to swear and use the playground insult "gaylord" liberally.

To think that these future Cappagh slurry spreader drivers are costing the tax-payer millions every year. Every year I feel my QUB education being devalued further.

belfast samizdat said...

It's always somebody else isn't it? Like those kids from Lower Ormeau; it must be them right? I saw students throwing bottles. I also saw them waving pizza boxes and shouting
"We Deliver"

The tiny minority argument gets dragged out again. Let's not pretend that the vast majority of students in the Holyland are not sectarian bigots. We all know they are. Listen to them screaming sectarian songs at 3am five nights a week. Look at them piling out of "Rebel Night" in the Hatfield.

Why not blame local residents; they must have caused the riot. The pensioners must have got their second wind like something out of Benjamin Button. The handful of kids there must have dressed up for the occasion and donned culchie accents.

I'm not unemployed. I'm a student at Queens in the School of Psychology. Take a hint; study elsewhere.

Spankertankon said...

you are just as sectarian
because you single out only people
who are
a)students and

There are a lot of students in Queens and UUJ that do not have a criminal record, are respectful, do well at university and cause no trouble.
Why do you never admit this?
Why are we all bastards?

actually i just want you to answer this

when did you last speak to a student? face to face? not arguing?

Anonymous said...

Alan you're even more stupid than I thought if you think the 'vast majority' of holylands students are sectarian. This is based on what exactly? Your biased opinion. I could claim that the majority of holylands residents are unemployed druggy scumbags. But that would be stupid as although it is my opinion, I have no evidence to back that up. (apart from the drug dealer who used to operate from a flat below me in fitzroy.) Your just as bad as the loutish students with your sectarian labelling.

belfast samizdat said...

Were you there? How can you pretend these people aren't bigots? Have you not heard of "rebel night" in the Hatfield? Have you not heard these people at 2 0r 3 or 4 am in the street?

You're a liar, whether to yourself, or to me, or to the world, it makes no difference. Your lies are very transparent.

Anonymous said...

You are tarring absolutely everyone with the same brush yet again Alan. Even though you say you aren't. Making noise at 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 whatever doesn't make someone a bigot. Just like wearing a football top doesn't make everyone a bigot. The Hatfield holds these "rebel" nights what, once a week.... which I am never near. That must make everyone who goes near the Hatfield for even a beer or to meet someone a bigot then.

belfast samizdat said...

It's a generalisation, not a universal.

Anonymous said...

Alan. Thanks for getting back to me on the unemployed question. I too, study at your self professed "academic slum." As well as work 24 hours a week. Please do not tell me to take a hint and study elsewhere, it brings my opinion of you from intelligent, enjoyable blogger into somewhat of an irritant.
Anyway! You do like to harp on so much about the working classes, but, no job ergo unemployed??

belfast samizdat said...

I'm glad you can combine work and study. However you're losing 24 hours a week of study time. This must affect your grades. If it doesn't, I admire your fortitude, but you will be truly exceptional. Others who work and study lose out on marks. It's a barrier in the face of working class advancement. It's existence is not an accident.

Queens is an academic slum; the school of psychology especially. I will never advise anyone to go to that place. Do an Open University degree, but don't go near that fucking degree mill.

Feel free to snipe and harp etc.

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate alan that you can't partake in a mature debate without being sectarian and plain ignorant. I'll leave you to it then and hope you every success in your continued crusade against the entire catholic population.

Spankertankon said...

why do you stay at this corrupt psychology department then?
if its so bad leave

belfast samizdat said...

I should have left and gone to the Open University when I had a chance. It's too late now. I'm stuck with these fucking people.

Anonymous said...

These "fucking people" Alan, provide you with a hell of a lot of material for this blog. Its actually really interesting to read your stuff. You could make money. Just stop harping, harping, harping about the working classes! I am a working class student and you are SERIOUSLY flogging a dead horse!!!! You're good (I really hate to stroke egos and all that) just enough with the class excuse!

belfast samizdat said...

Feel free to stroke egos. I'm not complaining. However, I'm going somewhere with this. There is, as the song says, a "madness to the method". Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued.....
You have me addicted to this blog now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is well written and demonstrates the destruction of communities that is occuring due to this behaviour. My sympathies go to the residents of the Holylands who put up with this behaviour on a long-term basis.

Yet, it must be acknowledged that those carrying out such behaviour account for a tiny minority of students.

The vast majority condemn the behaviour as strongly as you do.

As a medical student, I am one of the 'future professionals' you speak of. Yet I, and the vast majority of my colleagues are not just 'good for nothing'.

We contribute actively to society. The student population you condemn are largely decent young people who act for the greater good of society. Students are in primary-schools on placement, teaching children to read. They are visiting an elderly lady in her home as part of the medical curriculum. They are partaking in sport, volunteering, and fundraising for charity. This aspect of student life is ignored. Of course, not all students are absolute do-gooders but the vast majority at least go about their own business in a way which bothers nobody.

The many positive things which student have to offer will never make a newspaper headline.

Yes, anti-social behaviour is wrong, but let's remember that the vast majority of students think so too.

belfast samizdat said...

I can't claim that all students are bad, or nihilistic, but my experience is that the majority are.

That does not demean the efforts of those who are genuine. However their contribution is swamped by the mayhem. This is an issue for all of society.